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Special Fire Notice

At this time there are no Fire Restrictions required in our parks. Fires are permissible in designated fire locations e.g. Fire pits, BBQs, etc.


General Location: The park lies 8 miles southwest of the town of Tehachapi (population 6,550), located on the southern side of Highway 58 between Mojave and Bakersfield, CA. Woody's Peak (elevation, 7986 feet) overlooks the park from its dominion in the Tehachapi Mountains, the dividing line between the San Joaquin Valley and the Los Angeles Basin.

Note: Although the 490 acre park is generally open year round, winter snows may force road closures. All winter visitors and campers should carry tire chains.

Activities & Amenities

  • Hiking, nature awareness on the Nuooah Nature Trail
  • Camping (61 family campsites and 2 group facilities - Tehachapi Mountain Camp and Sierra Flats)
  • Equestrian trail riding (A 10-horse corral lies adjacent to the Horseshoe Campground)


  • All pets must be kept on a leash. Horses must be kept on designated trails and not allowed in any campgrounds.
  • The discharge of all firearms or weapons, including bows and arrows, spears, BB guns, pellet guns and sling shots, is prohibited.
  • All vehicles in the park must be licensed and must stay on the designated roads.
    Off-road vehicles are not allowed to operate in the park.
  • Trailers must also stay within designated areas, may not connect to water faucets by any means and may not dump anything in the park. (The nearest dumping facility is in Tehachapi.)
  • Depositing trash in waste receptacles and cleaning off tables properly will preserve public health and keep the park pristine.
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