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Special Fire Notice

At this time there are no Fire Restrictions required in our parks. Fires are permissible in designated fire locations e.g. Fire pits, BBQs, etc. (Updated May 17, 2017)


General Location: Greenhorn Mountain Park is located 50 miles northeast of Bakersfield, midway between Glennville and Wofford Heights near Lake Isabella. The Park stands on a bend of Highway 155 that meets Highway 99 to the west and connects with Highway 178 on the way into Bakersfield, following the Kern River Canyon, an area renowned for its hot springs.

If you are planning a visit in the early spring or late fall, contact the Kern County Parks and Recreation Division to confirm that the park is open, as snow at 6000 feet closes the park in winter.

Activities and Amenities

  • In summer the high elevation offers blissful escape from the heat on the valley floor. Among the park's big cedars and pines, visitors will find a surprising variety of facilities.
  • The Greenhorn Summit Amphitheater is located a short walk from Greenhorn Mountain Park Campground. The amphitheater is set among cedars, pines and black oaks. A fireplace flanks a raised 18 x 30 foot center stage that looks out on stone seating accommodating 250 people. This sylvan spot is suitable for outdoor events such as plays, religious services, family or other social gatherings. The amphitheater is available to those already staying in the park on a first come-first served basis or by reservation from the Kern County Parks Division.


  • The discharge of all firearms or weapons, including bows and arrows, spears, BB guns, pellet guns and sling shots is prohibited.
  • All domestic animals must be on a leash.
  • Refuse needs to go in receptacles provided throughout the park.
  • Trailer dumping facilities are not available here, and dumping is prohibited.
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