Kern County Information Technology Services Innovation Hub

Information Technology Services Innovation Hub

Initiatives in Kern County


LaunchKern is Kern County’s continuous improvement initiative based on the principles of Lean Six Sigma. LaunchKern empowers our valued employees to change the way government works by improving their work environment, saving taxpayer dollars and enhancing services to residents.

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Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)

Kern County ITS is implementing a new ITSM solution to unify, streamline and update the services provided by ITS. Included in this ITSM solution are scalable features and systems that will provide consolidated and unified HelpDesk Ticket Management, Inventory/Asset tracking and control, Software Licensing, Mobile Device Management, Change Control and much more.

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Technology Training

Kern ITS is reinvesting in IT training with ITIL Foundations certification across the Department, and Pluralsight training subscriptions for content-specific training, so that we can better serve the County and our residents.

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ERP (Payroll/Fiscal System)

The County of Kern has selected Cherry Road to be our implementation partner for the County's new ERP/HCM initiative. Kern County is transitioning its mainframe-based Payroll/Fiscal/HR systems to Oracle's cloud ERP, HCM, and Budgeting environments, which will drastically modernize internal processes across the board, relieve the burden of maintaining a highly-specialized system, and bring Kern County to the forefront of efficient Government.

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Granicus govAccess Web-Hosted CMS

Kern County is looking to implement govAccess by Granicus, which is a cloud-based content management system, targeted for local governments and intended to modernize the County’s public-facing website. Some of the advantages to this system include robust content management down to the department levels, modern and responsive designs built with a mobile-first approach, and the ability to rapidly expand or develop new sites and content.

The first phase will include the county’s main domain,, as well as and This solution is structured to accommodate other departments that may wish to migrate on to this platform and participate in a shared experience and consistent branding.

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Power BI Premium for Kern County

Information Technology Services is working with the CAO’s office to acquire and provide a Power BI report server in the cloud. This service will enable Power BI Pro Users across Kern County to post and share visualized reports and dashboards internally with their own staff and other Departments, and with the Public.

Power BI Premium offers advanced, self-service data preparation that allows every user—from business analyst to data scientist—to accelerate the delivery of insights and collaborate with ease.

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LaunchKern is Kern County’s continuous improvement initiative based on the principles of Lean Six Sigma. LaunchKern empowers our valued employees to change the way government works by improving their work environment, saving taxpayer dollars and enhancing services to residents.

Success Stories

ITS & Health Benefits - SeamlessDocs for Open Enrollment (Phase 1) (PDF)

Business Objective: During the one-month Open Enrollment period County Employees bring in by hand 1000+ Enrollment Change forms along with supporting documents. This creates huge queues of people waiting to turn in their forms and generates a massive stack of paperwork that takes the following two months to process.

Results of Implementation from the last Open Enrollment:

  • 50% reduction in staff time = $28,548.70 saved
  • 90% reduction in paper received
  • Staff’s health benefits updated 2x faster
  • Improved communication and less stress

Seamless Logo

New Responsive County Home Page (PDF)

Business Objective: Modernize and refresh the antiquated County Homepage with a fresh and responsive design that is better aligned with Public expectations of current business culture, and to establish a County Brand that can be shared and utilized across County Departments to help identify all County sites as Kern County sites.

Redesign Benefits:

  • Increased engagement with customers and community due to optimized and intuitive menus and organization
  • Demonstrated County interest and commitment to being a community leader and increasing County marketability

New Responsive County Home Page

Animal Services Site Revamp (PDF)

Business Objective: To replace the existing dated and non-responsive Animal Services Department website with a fresh and modern website that offers a responsive design, superior organization and layout, and thoughtful service-first approach.

Impact Since Deployment:

  • 300% Increased viewership compared to same week previous year analytics
  • Streamlined access to key services and resources

Animal Services Site Revamp

Department-Wide ITIL Foundations Certification

Business Objective: To establish industry best practice frameworks, tools and language to unify and streamline IT functions and services across the organization.

Impact Since Deployment:

  • 30+ Staff certified in first round. 2nd round will complete ITS Department. Future rounds will extend this training and certification to other Kern County IT hubs to help strengthen and unify IT practices across the enterprise.

GIS Maps & Data Visualizations

Kern County ITS is doing a lot of fascinating things with data, from GIS data services and web maps, to dynamic data visualizations and analytics.

County of Kern GEODAT (GIS Portal)

A searchable one-stop shop for all datasets, printed maps, web maps, and GIS applications published by the County of Kern.

Go to:

GIS/Interactive Mapping

Data Visualization

Kern County is working with other County Departments to help them realize the importance of their data, with the use of PowerBI, by developing dynamic dashboards that help decision makers see the trends and patterns of their business

Example of Data VisualizationExample of Data Visualization

Interactive County Map (GIS Tool)

Kern County map with multiple filters, searches, and features to help you find what you need.

Go to:

GIS/Interactive Mapping

Kern County Vis-a-thons!!

Data-minded teams from around Kern County are meeting up to collaborate and compete with each other in one-day Data Visualization building contests.

Each team brings their data and a current real-world Business Question or Business Problem they want to share or solve, and we tackle the tasks together.

Kern County Vis-a-thons!!Kern County Vis-a-thons!!

Meet the ITS Teams

Niome Vick - July Employee of the Month

Niome Vick
July Employee of the Month

Web Platform Logo

Web Platform Technology Teams

Manager: Aaron Nance

Photo of Melinda Nuefeld

Melinda Neufeld (23 years)

Technology Services Supervisor

BA in History, ITIL

Melinda supervises the Web Team.

Photo of Ron Alvarado

Ron Alvarado (1 year)


BFA in Fine Arts Drawing and Painting

Ron works as a developer for the ITS team. He develops web apps, updates websites and supports existing applications.

Photo of Suzanne Baehr

Suzanne Baehr (1 year)

GIS Technician

Application support for ITS and the Departments we support.

Generic Photo

Michael Basilious (3 years)

Systems Analyst

Photo of Shawn Bauer

Shawn Bauer (15 years)

Senior Systems Analyst

BS in Business - Management Information Systems, ITIL

Shawn has performed every facet of web application development for small to medium web-based applications. He has also executed each task in the lifecycle of web site development, including multiple redesigns of both internal and public-facing web sites.

Photo of Mark Crews

Mark Crews (1 year)


Mark works with the web team at ITS developing and updating web sites and web applications.

Photo of Braxton Fitts

Braxton Fitts (1 year)


B.S. in Computer Science

Braxton works with the Health Benefits team to implement new projects for the Health Benefits department.

Photo of Osbaldo Fernandez

Ozzy Fernandez (1 year)

Programmer - Extra-help

B.S. in Computer Science

Ozzy is part of the Quality Control group and also assists in updating web sites and web applications.

Photo of Kathy Funston

Kathy Funston (11 years)

Systems Analyst

BA in French/Italian; Secondary Teaching Credential in French

Kathy handles a myriad of tasks from server maintenance to web page design. She is responsible for maintaining the main County website as well as the websites for a good portion of the other County departments. She also develops and maintains small web applications.

Photo of Jonathan Grasty

Jonathan Grasty (1 years)


B.S. Degree in Computer Science

Jonathan works as a developer for the ITS team. He develops web apps and supporting/expanding existing applications, primarily focused on supporting Accela.

Photo of Alex Molina

Alex Molina (1 years)


B.S. in Computer Science

Alex works with the Health Benefits team to implement new projects for the Health Benefits department.

Photo of Stephen Murphy

Stephen Murphy (20 years)

Senior Systems Analyst

BS in Business Administration

Stephen works as Computer Programmer for IT.

Photo of Anthony Thompson

Anthony Thompson (1 years)


Anthony is an Accela developer for the Public Services Building. He also work on custom add-ons for the Accela software and any other projects used in the Public Services Building.

Photo of Jeff Utter

Jeff Utter (3 years)

GIS Manager


Jeff manages the County’s GIS Enterprise system and Geocortex Essential's Web Maps. Additionally, he has spearheaded major GIS Projects for other Departments, taught GIS to County Users, and ensures the latest GIS technology is being utilized.

Photo of Wisakha Valdez

Wisakha Valdez (13 years)

Systems Analyst

Administration Logo


Manager: Laura Akey

Photo of Cheyenne Harriger

Cheyenne Harriger (1 year)

Fiscal Support Supervisor

Photo of Suzanne Boyd

Suzanne Boyd (8 years)

Senior Office Services Specialist


Suzanne provides clerical support for the Chief IT Officer and ITS managers. She is also responsible for departmental Payroll and Human Resources.

Photo of Kristina Mayall

Kristina Mayall (5 years)

Fiscal Support Specialist

Photo of Yesenia Medrano

Yesenia Medrano (6 years)

Office Services Technician

Yesenia's role in ITS is performing various clerical duties, event coordinator, customer service, accounts receivable etc. She makes sure ITS staff has everything it needs to facilitate an innovative and productive environment.

Leadership Logo


CITO: Mac Avancena, Jr.

Photo of Mac Avancena

Mac Avancena, Jr. (1 year)

Chief Information Technology Officer


Mac heads up the ITS Department in Kern County. As an Operations and Management executive with over 25 years of experience in the realm of technology delivery, solutions, and product introductions, he is an expert in translating business requirements into actionable and manageable insights by building partnerships supported by metrics-backed results. He is a passionate and dynamic leader recognized for successful executive portfolio management with broad strategic and leadership skills across multiple industries.

Photo of Laura Akey

Laura Akey (11 years)

Business Manager - Administration/Fiscal Support

Photo of Fidel Chavez

Fidel Chavez (18 years)

Technology Services Manager - Enterprise Technology

BS Business Administration/MIS; CSAC/CCISDA Certified Technology Exec

Fidel manages the Enterprise Technology Functional Area. His team is directly responsible for the County's Telephone System, IBM Enterprise Server environment, County's Wide Area Network, Local Area networks(LAN) for numerous departments, County's Core Storage Area Networks(SAN) environment and the County's Network Perimeter Security.

Photo of Lee Ann Herron

Lee Ann Herron (5 years)

Information Security Officer


Lee Ann provides a vigilant approach to hardening and securing the Kern County cyber environment. She institutionalized a culture of good security practices and cyber awareness throughout the County. She continues to stay on the forefront of changing technologies, security requirements, and mandated laws/ regulations. The security program is committed to continuous evaluation and analysis utilizing industry standard security controls, NIST 800-53 Security Controls.

Photo of Eric Mansfield

Eric Mansfield (19 years)

Technology Services Manager - Workspace Technology

MBA – Management/MIS; CSAC/CCISDA Certified Technology Exec; ITIL

Eric is in a leadership role over the Workspace Technology teams. His teams are directly responsible for Desktop, Mobile, Email/Collaboration, Directory Services (AD) and HR (provisioning) services. Our goal is to leverage multiple technologies to simplify IT usage to provide a personalized end user experience to our customers.

Photo of Ron Nakagawa

Ron Nakagawa (27 years)

Technology Services Manager - Enterprise Applications

BS in Business Administration (emphasis in computer applications) from Fresno State

Ron manages the CJIS, KIPS, and Database groups.

Photo of Aaron Nance

Aaron Nance (17 years)

Technology Services Manager - Web Platform Technology

BS in Computer Science, PMP, CSM, ITIL, MCSA

Long time developer with the County, with a background in Windows/Web development and database administration. Aaron manages the Development, GIS and Fiscal teams.

Enterprise Applications Logo

Enterprise Applications

Manager: Ron Nakagawa

Photo of Nicholas Carney

Nicholas Carney (1 year)


Nicholas helps maintain the CJIS Criminal Justice application and data, and support the users in the many departments which use CJIS.

Photo of Javier Medel

Javier Medel (14 years)

Database Analyst

Photo of Raymond Palmer

Raymond Palmer (10 years)

Senior Systems Analyst

Photo of Sharon Self

Sharon Self (10 years)

Systems Analyst

BS in Information Systems from Azusa Pacific University

Sharon currently works on the KIPS (Kern Integrated Property System). KIPS is an integrated system used primarily by the Assessors, Auditors, and Treasurer Tax Collectors. KIPS supports all primary functions that are required by these departments to maintain an assessment roll, build the tax structure and rates, and collect tax bill payments.

Enterprise Technology Logo

Enterprise Technology

Manager: Fidel Chavez

Photo of Jackie Ambrose

Jackie Ambrose (31 years)

Technology Services Supervisor - Telecommunications

Jackie heads up the Telecommunications Group which manages and supports the telecommunications infrastructure for the County. We manage the tools and architecture required to provide telephone related services to our customer departments.

Photo of Mike Winslow

Mike Winslow (19 years)

Technology Services Supervisor - Enterprise

Photo of Dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong (12 years)

Network Systems Administrator

BS Technical Management, ITIL, MCSE (NT4)

Dan has held roles in desktop support, system administration, and networking. He is currently working on migrating the County’s VPN systems to a new platform and developing WiFi networks for various facilities.

Photo of Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley (18 years)

Senior Information Systems Specialist

AA in Applied Science, Community College of the Air Force; Certifications: MCSE, MCP+I

Chris manages the Servers, Server Software, Active Directory, Tape Library/Backup System and other Network-related support for the ETR Department. He also provides Help Desk support for ETR.

Photo of Ronesa Cano

Ronesa Cano (19 years)

Senior Information Systems Specialist

Photo of Carol Corbin

Carol Corbin (20 years)

Telecomm Network Administrator

Photo of Gabe Escobar

Gabe Escobar (8 years)

Telecomm Network Administrator

Photo of Teri Gann

Teri Gann (28 years)

Telecomm Network Administrator

In addition to supporting the County Telephone Network, Teri offers front-end support to county departments for all their telephony needs.

Photo of Sean Kipp

Sean Kipp (13 years)

LAN Systems Administrator

BA Business Administration, MBA Business Administration, COMPTIA A+, COMPTIA Network +, Microsoft Certified Professional, Proudly Served USAF F-16 Crewchief

Sean manages anything and everything to do with O365 and mailflow into and out of the County. He manages and deploys hundreds of wireless communication bridges throughout the County. He also manages end point computing from PCs to mobile devices.

Photo of Ralph Lopez

Ralph Lopez (20 years)

Network Systems Administrator

Ralph maintains, troubleshoots and plans for the future of our network infrastructure.

Photo of Scott McNutt

Scott McNutt (17 years)

Senior Information Systems Specialist

Scott works at ETR providing desktop support, intranet and database maintenance, and other duties as assigned.

Photo of Jack Miller

Jack Miller (31 years)

Systems Programmer

AA in Data Processing, BS in Computer Science

Jack is the de facto 'mainframe administrator'. He works with and maintain the Mainframe's installed software, i.e. the operating system, database, and all other supporting software.

Photo of Daniel Mwaniki

Daniel Mwaniki (18 years)

LAN Systems Administrator

BS in Computer Information Systems, DES, VMWare

Daniel works as Storage Area Network Administrator, where he checks the overall health of the SAN, create new LUNS as needed, create and maintain replications, create LUN snapshots and data recovery from LUNS. He also works with vendors in search of better solutions for our datacenter.

Generic Photo

Charles Ritter (19 years)

LAN Systems Administrator

Workspace Technology Logo

Workspace Technology

Manager: Eric Mansfield

Photo of Terri Lara

Terri Lara (13 years)

Technology Services Supervisor - Help Desk/LAN

Photo of Duane Anunciacion

Duane Anunciacion (2 years)

Help Desk Technician

Photo of Ethan Bolender

Ethan Bolender (1 year)

Help Desk Technician

Photo of Raul Caballero

Raul Caballero (1 year)

Information Systems Specialist - Extra-help

Photo of Robert Ellison

Robert Ellison (25 years)

Senior Info Systems Specialist

Robert started as a programmer, then switched to phones and networks. He supports the departments at the Public Services Building – near and far.

Photo of William Fester III

William Fester III (1 year)

Help Desk Technician

Generic Photo

Chris Gathings (2 years)

LAN Administrator

Photo of Scott Gibson

Scott Gibson (18 years)

Senior Information Systems Specialist

A+, Network+, ITIL

Scott is assigned to the LAN Team where we support desktops, servers, and applications for multiple county departments. He also administers antivirus for the county with an ITSM product in the pipeline for the departments we support.

Photo of Gilbert Gregory

Gilbert Gregory (22 years)

Information Systems Specialist

Photo of Mario Marin

Mario Marin (1 year)

Help Desk Technician

Photo of Isaiah Martinez

Isaiah Martinez (4 years)

Information Systems Specialist

Generic Photo

Lindsay Peterson (3 years)

Information Systems Specialist

AS in Web Design (Programming Emphasis); A+ and Network+ CompTia Certifications

Lindsay works with PCs and their peripherals with initial setup, customization, maintenance, and troubleshooting any issues that may occur. She also assists in AD account creation as well as email accounts.

Photo of Michael Quarles

Michael Quarles (1 year)

Help Desk Technician

Photo of Esdras Quintana

Esdras Quintana (17 years)

Senior Information Systems Specialist

Photo of Robert Sandoval

Robert Sandoval (1 year)

Senior Information Systems Specialist

Comptia A+, Net+ and ITIL

Robert creates accounts, shares and troubleshoots active directory issues. He manages the Office 365 email and security. He also performs maintenance on server / workstation operating systems and their supported applications.

Photo of Jennifer Sosa

Jennifer Sosa (3 years)

Help Desk Technician

Photo of Paul Sudenga

Paul Sudenga (1 year)

Help Desk Technician

Photo of Sean Thomsen

Sean Thomsen (18 years)

Information Systems Specialist

Photo of Niome Vick

Niome Vick (1 year)

Information Systems Specialist - Extra-help

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