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Kern County Aging & Adult Services

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority

In 1999, the governor and the legislature enacted Assembly Bill 1682. The primary focus of this legislation was to require California counties to designate an employer of record for the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) individual providers for the purpose of collective bargaining. The IHSS individual providers perform chores, personal care services and / or protective supervision for disabled, blind or elderly clients, who qualify for services based upon their need and income. In the absence of these services, such clients or consumers would require out of home care, usually in a board and care setting or a skilled nursing facility. The client hires and is the employer of the individual provider. However, AB 1682 allows for the counties to designate an agency / Public Authority that will negotiate with a union on behalf of the individual providers.   California Association of Public Authorities

In this county, the executive director of the Public Authority is also the Director of the Kern County Aging and Adult Services Department (AASD). The Public Authority's governing body is the County Board of Supervisors. Three staff positions have been earmarked to support and implement the Public Authority functions within the Aging and Adult Services Department.

Individual providers have elected the United Domestic Workers of America (UDWA) for union representation. There are approximately 4300 individual providers in Kern County, serving over 4800 IHSS consumers.

In addition to collective bargaining, Public Authorities are required to perform several functions:

  1. Establishment of a registry of individual care providers
  2. Establishment of a referral system of these providers
  3. Background screening of potential care providers
  4. Provision for training of providers and consumers of service
  5. Performance of other IHSS duties as approved by the governing body / Board of Supervisors
  6. Performance of work in accordance with federal regulations for Medi-Cal

The Aging and Adult Services Department has a registry and referral system in place for IHSS. The Department also screens prospective providers. The Public Authority is responsible for training resources, and implementing other duties as approved by the Board.

The Board of Supervisors created an 11 member IHSS Advisory Committee in 2000, which is composed primarily of consumers of public or private in-home care services. Other members include providers, a representative of the Commission on Aging, and a representative of the County Administrative Office. This committee has been actively involved in the design of and planning for the Public Authority in Kern County. Among their tasks, the Committee has reviewed and evaluated many models or modes of service delivery of Public Authorities throughout California.  Committee Meeting Minutes and Information

Address: Kern County Aging and Adult Services
5357 Truxtun Ave. (just east of Mohawk)
Bakersfield, CA 93309
ATTN: In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority
Executive Director: Lito Morillo  (661) 868-1051

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