Calendar of Events

Add Event: Disclaimer

Please follow these important tips when entering an event:
1)   Please use sentence case and proper punctuation. DO NOT submit an event using all capital letters.
All entries must include:
    •  a physical address for the event
    •  a complete description of the event using full sentences
    •  contact name and phone number
3) Limit descriptions to the event itself. Avoid the use of the first person (e.g., "we" and "our"). Also avoid superlatives such as "greatest ever" or calls to action such as "come and visit". Due to space limitations, please do not repeat information appearing in other fields.
4) No solicitations will be accepted. Community fundraisers may be accepted at the discretion of the Board of Trade.
5) Limit submissions to items of public interest. No family or corporate events, please.
6) The Board of Trade reserves the right to refuse any submission which does not meet the stated criteria or format, and to determine proper placement ("Calendar of Events" or "Community and Government Services Calendar"). Persons submitting rejected items will not be notified.
7) If the event you are submitting has not appeared on the calendar within two business days, you may contact the Board of Trade to find out the status of your request.