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Assessment Appeals Board

Legal Authority: Established by Board of Supervisors Ordinance G-2400, Resolution No. 77-364, Ordinance No. G-2691, and Resolution No. 78-582, pursuant to Articles 1 & 1.5 of Chapter 1, Part 3, Division 1 of Revenue & Taxation Code and Rules 301-326 of Article 1, Sub-chapter 3, Chapter 1, Title 18 of the California Administrative Code. Revised by Resolution No. 80-402-A. Reorganized by Ordinance G-4116 of October 15, 1985 to establish one 5-member board. M.O. of September 12, 1989 increased per diem fees.
Membership Qualifications: The Board of Supervisors, shall by majority vote appoint five members to the Assessment Appeals Board. Members shall qualify by having minimum of five years professional experience in this state as one of the following: certified public accountant or public accountant, licensed real estate broker, attorney, property appraiser accredited by nationally recognized professional organization, or property appraiser certified by the Office of Real Estate Appraisers. In addition, all current members of the Assessment Appeals Board are eligible for reappointment.
Term: Three-year staggered term.
Duties: 1) To determine full cash value of each property for which an application of equalization is made and by reducing or increasing individual assessments to equalize assessments on local assessment roll; 2) To review, equalize, and adjust penal and escaped assessments on the assessment roll except escaped assessments made pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code Section 531.1 where exemption was improperly granted; 3) To exercise powers specified in Section 1613 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.
Meeting Place and Time: County Counsel's Hearing Room
1115 Truxtun Avenue
Fourth Floor for noticed hearings
Compensation: $200.00 per day and $125.00 per half day, and members whose place of residence is located 20 miles from site of hearings shall be reimbursed for travel expenses as set forth in Section 106.2 of Administrative Procedures Manual.
Ethics/Other Training: Pursuant to State law, on or after January 1, 2006, any person newly appointed shall successfully complete a course in ethics training approved by the Fair political Practices Commission and Attorney General. Each member is required to complete this training every two years.
On or after January 1, 2001, any person newly appointed to be a member shall successfully complete a course of training conducted or approved by the State Board of Equalization.
Contact: Assessment Appeals Clerk
1115 Truxtun Avenue, Fifth Floor
Bakersfield, CA 93301
(661) 868-3585
  Oath and Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) Required
Members When Appointed Appointed By Whom Term Expires
Donna Smith James 5/31/1994 Board of Supervisors
(Nominated by First District)
David C. Bynum 6/3/2014 Board of Supervisors
(Nominated by Second District)
Derek Sprague(replacing Richard Russell) 10/23/2018 Board of Supervisors
(Nominated by Third District)
Bob Hampton 12/13/1994 Board of Supervisors
(Nominated by Fourth District)
Robert Lisenbee 3/20/2018 Board of Supervisors
(Nominated by Fifth District)