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Rosamond Municipal Advisory Council

(Rosamond Town Council)

Legal Authority: Established by Resolution 2006-060 effective March 7, 2006, pursuant to provisions of Government Code section 31010.
Membership Qualifications: Seven (7) members, all of whom shall be registered electors residing within the boundaries of the Council.
Term: Initial members of the Council shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors and serve at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors until the election in November 2006, at which time they will serve four-year staggered terms.
Duties: Council shall advise the Board of Supervisors on such matters relating to the Rosamond area concerning services which are or may be provided to the area by the County or other local governmental agencies, including but not limited to advice on matters of public health, safety, welfare, public works and planning as authorized by Government Code section 31010.
Meeting Place and Time: Hummel Hall, 2500 20th Street West, Rosamond, on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m., unless publicly noticed otherwise.
Meeting Schedule/Agenda/Minutes
Compensation: None except expenses actually and necessarily incurred while traveling on the business of the Council.
Ethics Training Pursuant to State law, on or after January 1, 2006, any person newly appointed shall successfully complete a course in ethics training approved by the Fair political Practices Commission and Attorney General. Each member is required to complete this training every two years.
Contact: Second District Supervisor's Office
1115 Truxtun Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93301
(661) 868-3660
  Oath required
Members When Appointed Appointed By Whom Term Expires
Brennan J. Riley 11/6/2018 Elected 12/2/2022
Seaneen McArdle(replacing Gregory Washington) 10/8/2019 Board of Supervisors 12/2/2022
Dennis Shoffner(Replacing David Hernandez) 1/8/2019 Board of Supervisors 12/4/2020
William Parkman 11/6/2018 Re-elected 12/2/2022
James Johnson(replacing Gerald Morris) 12/17/2019 12/4/2020
Lisa M. Checkley 11/6/2018 Elected 12/7/2022
Donna Morris 11/8/2016 Elected 12/4/2020