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Retirement Board

Legal Authority: Established by Board of Supervisors Ordinance A-14, effective January, 1945 pursuant to Employee Retirement Act of 1937; Government Code Sections 31520 et seq.; Resolution 2009-110, adopted April 21, 2009, revised compensation for Board Members.
Membership Qualifications: Nine members and two alternates:
  • One of whom shall be county treasurer
  • Second and third members shall be members of the association, other than safety members, elected by such members.
  • Fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth members shall be qualified electors of county who are not connected with the county government in any capacity, except one may be a supervisor, and shall be appointed by such Board (and shall not serve beyond term as supervisor). Fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth members may not be retired members of KCERA.
  • Seventh member shall be a safety member of the association elected by safety members.
  • Eighth member shall be retired member elected by retired members of association.
  • One alternate member shall be the candidate, if any, for 7th member from the groups under Government Code Sections 31470.2 or 31470.4, or any other eligible safety member (if there are no eligible candidates from the groups under sections 31570.2 and 31470.4), which is not represented by board member who received highest number of votes of all candidates in that group, and if no such candidate, there shall be no alternate member.
  • One alternate member shall be elected separately by the retired members of the Association in the same manner and at the same time as the eighth member is elected.
Term: Three-year staggered term.
Duties: This Board is to manage the retirement system of Kern County employees.
Meeting Place and Time: Board Room
11125 River Run Blvd
Bakersfield, CA
2nd Wednesday of each month at 8:30 a.m.
Meeting Schedule/Agenda/Minutes
Compensation: Fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, and ninth members and alternate retired member shall receive compensation at rate of not more than $100 a meeting for not more than five meetings per month together with actual and necessary expenses for all members of the Board. Board and alternate Board members may decline compensation at any time.
Ethics Training Pursuant to State law, on or after January 1, 2006, any person newly appointed shall successfully complete a course in ethics training approved by the Fair political Practices Commission and Attorney General. Each member is required to complete this training every two years.
Additional Education Requirements Effective January 1, 2013, Government Code section 31522.8 requires all members of the Board of Retirement to receive a minimum of 24 hours of trustee education within the first two years of assuming office and for every subsequent two-year period the trustee continues to hold membership on the Board of Retirement. In accordance with section 31522.8, the Board of Retirement identifies topics for board member education, establishes a means for determining the programs that qualify for education, and maintains a record of board member compliance.
Contact: Kern County Employees' Retirement Association
11125 River Run Blvd.
Bakersfield, CA 93311
(661) 381-7700
  Oath and Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) Required (Filed w/Agency)
Members When Appointed Appointed By Whom Term Expires
Jordan Kaufman, 1st Member
    Virtue of Office
Juan Gonzales, 2nd Member
(Replacing Susan Wells)
6/20/2017 Elected 12/31/2018
Bob Jefferson, 3rd Member 11/19/2013 Elected 12/31/2019
David Couch, 4th Member 1/8/2013 Board of Supervisors 12/31/2018
Dustin Dodgin, 5th Member 2/25/2014 Board of Supervisors 12/31/2019
Lauren Skidmore, 6th Member 3/21/2016 Board of Supervisors 12/31/2018
Rick Kratt, 7th Member 10/16/2012 Elected 12/31/2018
Phil Franey, 8th Member 11/19/2013 Elected 12/31/2019
Marco Horvat, 9th Member 12/20/2016 Board of Supervisors 12/31/2019
Thad Kennedy (Safety Alternate) 11/11/2015 Appt'd in lieu by KCERA 12/31/2018
John Mattley (Retired Alternate) 11/15/2016 Appointed In Lieu of Election 12/31/2019