Kern County, California

Bulletin No. Title
1 Cash Differences, Overages, and Revolving Funds
2 County Charges - Other Government Agencies
3 Personal Check Charges-Insufficient Funds
4 Duplication Charges to General Public
5 Juror Meal and Lodging Payments
6 Shortages, Loss, Theft of County Property
7 Procedures for Work Site/Facility Closures due to Hazardous Conditions or Natural Disaster
8 Department Closure to the Public During Regular Specified Periods Guidelines
9 Department Operations Manuals
10 Cellular Telephone Use - Department Policy is now part of Chapter 3 - Employment Related Expenses
11 Records Retention Statutes and Disposition Authority for Non-Judicial County Records
12 Civil Subpoenas
13 Acceptance of Gifts or Loans from Private Parties to the County
14 Work Station and Private Office Guidelines
15 Flying the American Flag at Half Staff
16 Legislative Program and Procedures
17 Procedures for Welcoming International Delegations and Guests
18 Construction Project Oversight
19 The KGOV Operating Procedures bulletin is now part of the internal policies and procedures for General Services.
20 Annual Employee Travel Reimbursement Rates
and Department Head/Elected Official Automobile Allowance
21 Development Agreements and Environmental Impact Mitigation - Lead Department
22 Grand Jury Final Report Responses
23 Signature Authorization
24 Notary Public Commissions
25 Election Volunteer Program for Employees
26 Maximum Reimbursement for Executive Compensation
27 Implementation Plan Requirements for New Ordinances
28 County-sponsored Orientation and Seminar - Employee Attendance
29 Policy for Compliance with Emergency Shelter Grant Program Requirements
30 County Mail Services Policies
31 Policy on the Naming of County Owned Facilities
32 Employee Suggestion Award Program
33 Employee Recognition Award Program
34 Employee Recognition Notices
35 Continuity of Operations-Pandemic Influenza: Labor Relations Guidelines
36 Heating/Ventilation and Air Conditioning Management Practices
37 Provisions for Involuntarily Activated Military Personnel - Layoff
38 Confidentiality of Medical Information Policy
39 Collection of Receivables
40 Time, Reporting and Account Costing System (TRACS)

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