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Compliance and Accountability ♦ Code of Conduct

    "No responsibility of Government is more fundamental than the responsibility for maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior by those who conduct the public business. There can be no dissent from the principle that all officials must act with unwavering integrity, absolute impartiality, and complete devotion to the public interest. This principle must be followed not only in reality but in appearance. For the basis of effective government is public confidence, and that confidence is endangered when ethical standards falter or appear to falter."

President John F. Kennedy
April 27, 1961

The Code of Conduct was developed to improve transparency, employee accountability, and to serve as both a pledge and a guide for all County employees. County employees hold positions of public trust and are expected to act with conduct that embraces our County's mission and vision. This Code of Conduct serves as fair notice of the expected professional and ethical obligations.

The Code of Conduct was created by summarizing and referencing existing County Civil Service Rules, Administrative Policies and Procedures, Administrative Bulletins, and Ordinances into a single document that is easy to read and follow. The Code of Conduct is intended to provide awareness and instill core ethical values, including government accountability and refrainment from various activities involving fraud, waste, and abuse; hostile work environment; and other violations.

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