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Kern County Economic Development

Kern County Economic Development

Economic Development Cluster ♦ Value-Added Agriculture

Kern County's value-added agriculture cluster is the largest and most significant of the clusters, in terms of overall employment. Value-added agriculture is an expanding cluster and is highly specialized and concentrated with overall employment growth that outpaces most competitor Counties.

This cluster within Kern County's economy provides over 53,000 private sector jobs. The leading crops in the County in 2008 were milk ($602 million in revenue), grapes ($561 million), citrus ($487 million), almonds ($387 million), and carrots ($378 million). The County is also strong in agricultural support activities, such as crop harvesting, farm labor contractors and crew leaders, and farm management services.

Cotton Harvesting in Kern County Row Crops in Kern County
Cotton Harvesting Time in Kern County Agricultural Workers Tend to Row Crops
Sheep and Almond Orchard Dreyer's Manufacturing Plant
Sheep Graze Near an Almond Orchard Dreyer's Manufacturing Plant

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