Kern County E-mail Subscriptions - How to Sign Up

To sign-up for e-mail or text message subscriptions, please:

  1. Type in your e-mail address or cell phone number and click GO.
  2. On the next page, enter your e-mail address or cell phone # again (to confirm it's correct), adjust your delivery preference if needed, and add an optional password. After doing all of this, click SUBMIT
  3. The next screen displays all the subscription items available from the County.
  4. Click the box next to each topic you wish to subscribe to (topics with the Wireless Transmitter Icon image next to them are available for text messages)
  5. Once you've selected your topics, scroll to the bottom and click SUBMIT.
  6. Depending on which topic(s) you selected, the next page may ask you for additional information, such as your first and last name. This information is not required, but if provided it is used to further customize the type of information that is sent to you. When finished on this page, click SUBMIT.
  7. The final page will tell you that you successfully subscribed. Click FINISH and then say yes to any prompts asking you to close the page.

Once you subscribe, you will receive an e-mail or text message confirming your subscription information.

Note: You must sign up individually for e-mail and text messages if you wish to receive updates to both your e-mail address and your cell phone.