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District 4 Communities

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Arvin is a community 20,562 residents. The city of Arvin offers a range of opportunities for relaxation and recreation. There are a number of parks where one can relax as well as indulge in games and sports. Arvin is located 15 miles southeast of Bakersfield, California. The local post office was built in 1914 and the name of this city was based on the name of a former postmaster of the area, Arvin Richardson.

The Bakersfield portion of the 4th Supervisorial District includes most of what is generally considered Southwest Bakersfield and Rosedale. The district includes everything south of Stockdale Highway and west of New Stein Road. From Stockdale Highway the district boundary turns north on Jewetta Avenue to Olive Drive, then west on Olive Drive and Kratzmeyer Road to Wasco Avenue. From Panama Lane the district boundary turns south on Old River Road and east on Bear Mountain Boulevard to Highway 99.

Buttonwillow is an agricultural community of about 1,500 people located approximately 30 miles west of Metropolitan Bakersfield near the junction of State Highway 58 and Interstate 5. Buttonwillow is located on the site of ancient Indian dance grounds, and is named for a tree which is a State Historical Landmark.

Delano is a community of approximately 54,447 residents located 31 miles north-northwest of Bakersfield. Delano was founded on July 14, 1869. Delano is a culturally diverse community & regarded as an "international" community. Delano's rich cultural heritage & community pride are displayed at many annual events. It is Kern County's second largest city after Bakersfield. Agriculture is Delano's major industry.

Lamont is a community of approximately 15,394 residents. It is located about eleven miles from Bakersfield. Lamont was founded in 1923. Lamont is an incorporated city that is near Arvin, California.

Lost Hills
Lost Hills is a small community of approximately 1,300 people located on State Highway 46 near its intersection with Interstate 5, approximately 40 miles north of Bakersfield. Lost Hills is located near the North Belridge Petroleum Production Site and the Kern National Wildlife Refuge.

McFarland is a community of approximately 21,374 residents located 6 miles south of Delano. McFarland, California, in Kern county, is 24 miles northwest of Bakersfield, California. The town was founded in 1909 and later became incorporated in the summer of 1957. The logo and seal of McFarland, features a runner crossing a field of crops. The slogan: "Tradition, Unity, Excellence."

McKittrick is located 14 miles northwest of Taft, California. Approximately 115 residents live here. The town is in the center of a large oil-producing region in western Kern County. Along State Route 33 to the south of the town is the Midway-Sunset Oil Field, the second-largest oil field in the contiguous United States; within the town itself, as well as to the west is the McKittrick Field.

Shafter is a community located 18 miles west-northwest of Bakersfield. Shafter has a population of 16,988. Shafter is located along State Route 43. The city of Shafter began as a loading dock along the Santa Fe Railroad right-of-way. The community was named for General William Rufus Shafter who commanded US Forces in Cuba. Much of this city's economy has been based on agriculture and ag-related industry.

Wasco is an agricultural community of about 25,000 people, and is located 26 miles north of Bakersfield at the intersection of State Highways 46 and 43. Wasco is known as the Rose Capital of the World, and showcases its 453 rose varieties at the Annual Wasco Festival of Roses celebration, held the weekend following Labor Day. In addition to abundant farm acreage producing potatoes, sugar beets, cotton, alfalfa, corn and barley, Wasco boasts a 72-acre Industrial Park and an 18-hole golf course.