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County Administrative Office 

The Compliance and Accountability role serves as the investigative enforcement function of the County Administrative Office. The Compliance and Accountability Officer serves as an oversight coordinator and the liaison between the Board of Supervisors, Chief Administrative Officer, and County departments. This position is responsible for implementing and enforcing policies and procedures aimed at ensuring transparent and accountable County operations that comply with federal and state laws and regulations, as well as County ordinances, administrative and departmental procedures, and Board directives. This function is responsible for submitting semi-annual plans to the Board of Supervisors, detailing departmental compliance and recommended corrective actions.

If you have questions relative to compliance or accountability, please contact the County Administrative Office at:

(661) 868-3198

Report suspected Fraud, Waste or Abuse


The Auditor-Controller is required under Government Code 25250 to perform timely audits on the accounts and records of all officers having responsibility for the care, management, collection, or disbursement of money belonging to the County or money received or distributed under the authority of the law. Although the mandate focuses on financial data, the Auditor-Controller regularly expands the scope of review to include both internal controls and compliance with County policy. The Auditor-Controller is also required to establish and maintain a hotline to receive calls from persons who have information regarding fraud, waste, and abuse. The Auditor is responsible for conducting these investigative audits and keeping the investigation confidential.

If you have questions or concerns relative to the internal audit process, please contact the Auditor-Controller’s Office at:

(661) 868-3599
Contact the Auditor

Grand Jury

The Grand Jury objectively investigates all aspects of county government, special districts, and cities to ensure that these bodies are being effectively governed and that public monies are being judiciously handled. The Grand Jury is a sworn body that completes investigations with confidentiality as it pertains to complaints, witnesses and content of legislative matters. The Grand Jury issues its reports to the presiding Judge.

If you have questions or concerns relative to the Grand Jury’s process, please contact the Grand Jury at:

(661) 868-4800
Contact the Grand Jury