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Graffiti Removal Tips

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  • Before removing graffiti from any location that is not your property, please join our Adopt a Wall program.
  • If you are removing graffiti from your own property and want the County to provide materials and/or training, join our Adopt a Wall program.
  • Do not paint unpainted masonry surfaces (e.g. brick, stucco, marble, etc.)
  • Try to color match paint to surface; keeping in mind the age of the paint on the surface to be painted
  • Place drop cloths on ground for precaution against drips and spills.
  • Paint a straight and even border line to establish a pattern for removal and not just cover-up. The easiest way is to drag a paint-covered roller along the surface and then roll the area beneath to ground level.
  • Avoid painting a large surface area more than five (5) times. This can cause long-term deterioration to the structure.
  • Do not get discouraged. Removing the graffiti promptly lets the vandals know zero tolerance is in force.