Frequently Asked Questions

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Note: For questions about how to use the NEOGOV system that we are now using for job applications, see the NEOGOV Applicant FAQ or call NEOGOV customer support at 1–855-524-5627.

  • Applicants - Before Applying

    • How do I apply for a permanent position?

    • How can I find out about extra-help/temporary employment?

    • Do you accept employment applications for positions that are not open?

    • What does it mean when a job shows a closing date of "continuous"?

    • I saw a job announcement but I'm not sure if I qualify. Can I still apply?

    • I qualified for a position in the past, but now I don't qualify. How can that be?

    • Can I submit my résumé instead of an application?

    • Can I fax my application materials?

    • Can volunteer and part-time work be counted as work experience?

    • I don't live in the United States. Can I apply online?

    • Will I be able to get a copy of the application once I've submitted it?

    • I missed the deadline - can I still apply?

    • Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

    • Will I automatically be considered for other positions if I previously submitted an application?

    • How often do you recruit for a particular position?

    • I have a disability, how can I participate in the testing process?

    • The job I'm interested in requires a typing certificate. Does the County have a list of agencies authorized to provide these certificates?

  • Applicants - After Applying

    • What are the steps/processes that will happen after I apply for a given job?

    • How long does the recruitment process take?

    • How do I check the status of my application?

    • How and when can I update my application?

    • How do I report a change in my personal contact information?

    • Can I get copies of my application or related documents?

    • Will I need to have a physical or drug screen before I am hired?

    • I applied for a job but was notified that my application did not qualify. The job is still open - can I apply again?

    • Do you have sample tests for me to study for some of the exams associated with the job I applied for?

    • I applied for a job but was notified that I did not pass one of the tests/exams. The job is still open - can I apply again and re-take the exam that I did not pass?

    • What is an “eligible list”?

    • I have been notified that I am on the eligible list for a given job. What happens now?

    • How long will I remain on the eligible list for a given position?

    • I am on an eligible list and the job is still open. Can I take one or more of the tests/exams again to get a higher score?

    • How will I know if I have an interview with the hiring department?

    • I had an interview with the hiring department. Can you tell me if the position has been filled, or when they will notify me?

  • Veterans (HR)

    • Does Kern County offer preference points to job applicants who are veterans?

    • How do I prove that I am eligible for veterans preference points?

    • What types of service qualify for veterans preference points?

    • If I am a disabled veteran, do I get more preference credits?

    • How do I prove my disability status?

    • Can I submit electronic copies of supporting documents (e.g., DD214) when I submit my job application?

    • How can I get the supporting documents I need to support my claim?

    • How can I get more information about veterans preference points?