Crime Lab Forensic Research

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The goal of the Kern Regional Crime Laboratory’s Forensic Research Program is to promote the application of science and technology to legal issues. Caseworking scientists are actively encouraged to research new methods in order to advance themselves as scientific professionals, and as a means to promote processes improvement throughout the laboratory.

Through the Forensic Research Program, the Kern Regional Crime Laboratory seeks to build strong partnerships with university research groups and industry, and benefits from these associations. For example, the laboratory enjoys an ongoing relationship with Cybergenetics, and was the first laboratory in California to introduce the TrueAllele™ Caseworks System for the interpretation of complex DNA mixtures into a court of law.

Other examples of work performed and published by staff scientists include:

  • Sugimoto, G. Rethinking man’s place: Toward the establishment of new guidelines for the classification of human hair [thesis]. Fresno (CA): California State Univ. Fresno, 2012.
  • Smith, B.G., Lee, B., Budowle, B., and Allen, R.W. Population data for 15 STR loci (Identifiler® kit) in a Filipino population. Intl J Legal Med. 2009;159-161.

If you would like to collaborate with the laboratory on a project, please contact us.