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FY 2016 - 2017 Final Report

  • Reports that were posted and responses that were received after the Final Report printing will be listed in the table of contents and in the appropriate committee report as "Website only".
  • To view a hard copy of the report, visit the Beale Branch of the Kern County Library.

Table of Contents  (PDF)

General Information  (6,074K PDF)

Committee Reports

Administration and Audit Committee  (4,788K PDF)

Cities and Joint Powers Committee  (3,463K PDF)

Health, Education, and Social Services Committee  (17,744K PDF)

Law and Justice Committee  (12,419K PDF)

Special Districts Committee  (19,849K PDF)

Ad Hoc Committees  (PDF)

Budget Committee  (PDF)

Edit and Final Report Committee  (PDF)

Library Committee  (PDF)

Public Relations Committee  (PDF)

Tracking Reports  (256K PDF)


Throughout each Grand Jury's one-year term (which corresponds with the County's fiscal year, July 1st - June 30th) the various Grand Jury committees perform investigations of different government agencies and other entities and publish reports of their findings and recommendations.

These reports are made available to the general public and media as follows:

1) During the year, the individual reports are released and published on the Web site as Early Releases.  Elected County officials are required by law to respond to each recommendation contained in these report(s) within 60 days of issuance; other County entities must respond to each recommendation within 90 days.  These responses are published with the Early Releases soon after they are received.

2) At the end of each Grand Jury's term, the Grand Jury issues its Final Report to the Presiding Judge.  This Final Report contains the committee reports/responses plus general information about the Grand Jury.  This report is also published on the Web site.  A hard copy of the Final Report is available at the Beale Branch of the Kern County Library.

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