Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGMA)

Acronyms used on this page:
CASGEM = California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Program
DWR = Department of Water Resources
GSA = Groundwater Sustainability Agency/Agencies
GSP = Groundwater Sustainability Plan(s)
IWVGA = Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority
SGMA = Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
SWRCB = State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board)
WRM = Water Resource Manager

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) was passed into California law in fall of 2014 and took effect in January 2015. SGMA requires that state-designated medium- and high-priority basins and sub-basins must form a groundwater sustainability agency and develop a long-term GSP. In Kern County the designated basins/sub-basins are Indian Wells Valley Sub-basin, Kern County Sub-basin, and Cuyama Valley Basin. These basins must comply with SGMA.
General Information
California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (CASGEM)
CASGEM mandates a statewide groundwater elevation monitoring program to track seasonal and long term trends in priority groundwater basins in California.
CASGEM status designation in Kern County:
  • Cuyama Valley groundwater basin - partially monitored
  • Indian Wells Valley groundwater basin - fully monitored
  • Kern County Groundwater sub-basin - partially monitored
Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns related to the SGMA Act or Kern County's actions in this area, contact:

Alan Christensen - County Administrative Office


As of March 1, 2018 the new Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority website was launched. This site contains all of the IWVGA information formerly contained on this page including:
  • Resolutions/Agreements
  • IWVGA Meeting Information
  • PAC/TAC Meeting information

General Information and Supporting Documents

2018 Monthly Meetings of the Undistricted (White) Areas


2017 Monthly Meetings of the Undistricted (White) Areas

  • Agenda (not yet available)
  • Agenda (not yet available)
  • Agenda (not yet available)
  • Agenda (not yet available)

Meeting Time/Location

2nd Thursday of each month at 8:30 am

County Administrative Building
1115 Truxtun Avenue, 3rd Floor
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Area Map

Map of Undistricted (White) Areas

Related Information

Interim Agreement For Undistricted Areas Management Activities (PDF)

Sustainable Groundwater in Kern County Overview (PDF)

Kern Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (PDF)

Proposition 218 White Area Parcel Review Map (PDF)

The Cuyama Basin GSA website contains the following information:
  • Meeting Information
  • Interactive Map
  • Email Mailing List
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